Validation of custom fields (mobile app)

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We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

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We have now received notification from Apple that the app update is now available in the App Store. The version should show as 2.3.4. Thank you for your patience whilst we resolved this issue.

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After 1 day, 3 hours, and 16 minutes

The updated version for Android and Windows devices is now available via the relevant app stores. We are still waiting on confirmation from Apple, but we expect this shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing.

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Customers running version 2.3.3 of the mobile app may be experiencing issues with the app incorrectly flagging custom fields as invalid. This issue has been fixed and we are waiting for the relevant stores to process our update. This can take 24 - 48 hours. The new version will be 2.3.4.

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