VAT validation issue on the mobile app

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We have now received notification that our update has been approved by the app stores and will shortly be available for users to download. Once again, please accept our apologies for this issue.

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We have now corrected the issue and have released a fix to all app stores. Unfortunately, the review process of each store does vary and as a result it may be several hours before the latest version (1.10.9) is available. Thank you for your patience whilst we wait for this process to complete.

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After 14 minutes

Our development team have reproduced the issue and it appears to be affecting accounts that have VAT override turned off. Whilst we work on a fix for the issue, you may turn on this feature on in your Advanced settings under the Admin section.

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A small number of users with a particular configuration are reporting that they are receiving an incorrect VAT validation error message that is preventing them from creating an expense. We are investigating these reports as a matter of urgency.

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