We have continued to notify affected users following the email update on 15th September 2020 and have decided to close this incident. Our Technical Team will continue to liaise with Apple on fixing the underlying issue in iOS 14.

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We have contacted all iOS users to advise them to update their ExpenseIn mobile app from the store. We will continue to monitor the issue and have also raised a ticket with Apple to see if the issue present in iOS 14 will be resolved.

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As part of our continuous testing of the ExpenseIn platform, we have identified an issue that may cause the ExpenseIn mobile app to stop working correctly on Apple devices running iOS 14. Although iOS 14 has not been officially released yet, we have taken steps to release a new version of the ExpenseIn mobile app to ensure ongoing compatibility.

We would strongly recommend you update your ExpenseIn mobile app from the App Store as soon as possible. The new version will be labelled as 2.9.0.

if you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact our Support Team at

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